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Jess supported us as a postpartum doula and beyond. She provided us advice and support before our daughter was born, and long after a standard “post-partum” period. The pandemic limited our ability to see our families—and mostly anyone else—with a newborn. Jess was a lifeline to much-needed care and support.  Having a postpartum doula, especially as a first- time parent, provided countless teaching moments: Breastfeeding support, soothing and rocking techniques, thinking through nap and feeding schedules, advice on products to buy & books/experts to consult- The list goes on. Her experience as a mom of four young kids informed many of these ‘tried and tested’ recommendations. She also cooked and baked (knowing I had a homemade muffin to eat helped get me out of bed at 3 AM those first few weeks!) and helped around the house--my dishes and bottles were always cleaned, and my laundry folded. She even helped us assemble all kinds of baby gear; so much got done while Jess was over. Knowing someone else could take on parts of my to-do list and just be another adult in the house was invaluable. Jess provided a sense of calm and steadiness to the tenuous postpartum period while still exuding warmth, patience and care to us and our baby. She is so generous with her time over text as well: If an urgent (spoiler: everything with a newborn feels urgent!) question came up between her visits she made time to respond thoughtfully. I cannot recommend Jess enough and am so thankful she has been part of our new-parent journey.

-Jaclyn R.

My husband and I worked with Jess as our postpartum doula after the birth of our twin boys. I gave birth in New York City in the middle of the Covid pandemic and Jess was able to provide us with great long-distance support remotely. She made herself available for regular zoom calls and always promptly responded to our text messages. Jess was patient, kind and very knowledgeable, and she was always there when we needed her.  Jess provided us with support regarding breast feeding, naps, soothing and rocking techniques, product recommendations (both general and twin specific) and she helped ease our general anxiety around being first time parents of twins.  The mother of twin boys herself, Jess gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves as parents, and I can't imagine having survived without her help.  We will forever be grateful for her support, and we recommend her without hesitation to anyone, whether first time parents, parents of multiples or otherwise.   She                      is truly the best!     -Lisa C.

Thank you for the round-the-clock support for baby A. We have really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all the time, energy & and thoughtfulness you have shown us. -Janelle H.

Testimonial for tutoring: 

Jess was a great support for my son when he was a middle schooler, helping him work on writing skills, thinking through ideas and helping him learn how to edit his own work. She's patient, clear, and wonderful with kids." Marian B.


"I enjoyed my tutor sessions with Jess to work on writing. She was always helpful, patient, and a joy to work with." Sam T.

Testimonial for Guided Rites of Passage Journey: 

“I recently took the Journey Home course and was immediately in awe! If you want to reconnect with the core of your femininity, call on the knowledge of your ancestors and learn how to truly listen to your intuition, this is a great course to take. The visualizations we did in-person and online brought me into the depths of my spirit (good and bad) and helped me reflect on where I have been and where I want to be. I immediately started becoming more aware of how I interact with the world around me - and it differs from moment to moment. This course taught me that I have choice in how I react. I hope our teacher, Jess, writes a book one day to capture and share all of her wisdom!” ~ Janelle in VT

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